January 19, 2024

2024-02-27 | 17:36:56

"I have referred friends to Dennis’s shop to sell their gold or silver jewelry over several years. andI have found them to be honest and fair with their approach and spot rates. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to liquidate their antiques, coins and jewelry."
January 2, 2024

2024-02-27 | 17:36:59

"The gentlemen that worked here were very welcoming and helpful. This was my first experience with any kind of antique shop and was offered print outs of prices, a magazine that contained the exact prices, and even some plastic sleeves to help protect what i had brought in, there was never a monetary exchange and they were still extremely helpful. Great place!"
December 6, 2023

Mary Ellen Fortier | 2023-12-05 21:14:19

"I was introduced to Dennis and his store by a very good friend. I was so glad she did. Dennis has turned out to be a great resource in the area. He is very knowledgeable in many areas. He is also very personable and very fair. I highly recommend him to anyone "
November 13, 2023

2023-12-27 | 22:36:26

"I went in recently with a few items from mother’s estate. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I truly enjoyed my visit. Would recommend to all."
October 27, 2023

2023-12-27 | 22:36:24

"Dennis is very knowledgeable , professional and helpful would highly recommend"