July 17, 2023

Heather Millner | 2023-07-14 14:17:09

"Dennis was so honest and helpful I couldn’t believe it! He told me where I could make more money and what I did sell to him he gave an amazing price! Thank you Bradenton Antiques!"
July 13, 2023

2023-08-23 | 20:53:19

"The process of getting ride of things is a task and Dennis Godfrey makes it so easy. Thank you for looking at all our little items. So many things he gave me such a good price. Love him."
July 11, 2023

Great all round

"Great service and knowledge and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you "
July 11, 2023

Great experience

"A pleasure to deal with. Great knowledge and great integrity. "
July 11, 2023

Mary Ellen | 2023-07-09 14:03:23

"What a pleasant experience. Dennis is a very knowledgeable business man, and a pleasure to work with. I brought some old pieces of jewlery that I hadn't worn in decades and we had a great time talking and going through the pieces. His prices are very fair he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I'll be going back with my old coins next. I highly recommend Bradenton Antiques Coins and Jewelry and Dennis! "